DogPad Finance #4 — Shibarium’s Launchpad

DogPad Finance
3 min readFeb 11, 2023

Our Launchpad

Our team has already successfully built the Staking, Locker, TG Bot Deployer, LP Farming, NFTs with their own Staking (75% APY) and has a Bridge & Launchpad demo ready to go once Shibarium goes live

Projects will be able to deploy their contract & launch their Initial Dex Offerings through our platform, without the necessity of contacting us & doing it by a simple automated process facilitated by our smart contracts

Yet the Launchpad will be contactless, we’re open towards the pioneer projects, we already have two projects ready to launch with us & any project interested can contact us through our google forms:

Doggies NFTs

Our Doggies successfully sold out in less than an hour during February 8th, and their utilities are starting to have effect and NFT holders will be able to enjoy the benefits in our ecosystem once Shibarium

You can find information about our NFTs, their utilities & where to buy in our DApp:

There are 18 legendary NFTs, which are the ones shown in the previous picture. This NFTs, appart from being the rarest, will have boosted benefits different to the normal NFTs. These boosts will be announced once Shibarium launches & the benefits start

NFT marketing team

Currently, our $DOGPAD & NFT holders are mostly DeFi coiners, not NFT traders. In order to share the vision of Doggies to the NFT communities, we have expanded our team & integrated a new NFT marketer, which will promote our NFTs actively through different campaigns and network with potential partners from the NFT market (Habibiz, ApeSpaces and Boozebears for example)

Shibarium: the start

The community has most likely noticed we have passed through a period of building and not actively promote the DogPad ecosystem, but instead, build a solid community & floor that will hold through the next legs

During the last weeks since we went down from All Time High we have been working on different partnerships, both with projects & influencers, also with different advisors. These will be announced with the launch of Shibarium, which BETA is expected to launch on 14th February, and we’re eager to start these relations from both parts

Our marketing wallet currently counts with around $100,000, and the marketing campaign we’ve prepared for Shibarium will be spending around $45,000 from our funds, which taking into account that liquidity is only ~$70,000 — we expect it to have an insane effect & find the push community has been waiting for

Shytoshi confirming 14th as launch date