DogPad Finance: First Launchpad on Shibarium

DogPad Finance
3 min readJan 24, 2023

Shibarium is coming, and the hype around it has reached a level where a month before its launch, there are tons of teams already working on being “the first”, such as us: a team of 4 solidity developers and an experienced Ethereum marketer which embarks the journey of being the first Launchpad on Shibarium

Shibarium in detail

Shibarium is a L2 blockchain, the evolution of Shiba from a memecoin to a real project. It’s basically a Polygon fork, hence why it’s easy to build on it as we are already used to building on the EVM. Anything that has been already created on Ethereum can easily be forked on Shibarium

Our team has succesfully been building utilities for degen developers for the past year, and has acquired a set of abilities and resources that make us able to fulfil any development, specially if we have already built something similar on ETH, which is the case, hence why we took this “challenge

Shibarium also has low gas fees, which allows us to perform any amount of microtransactions on our DApp without limits. The chain uses $BONE as native token, token that will be used for liquidities and gas. Our team has recently invested $8,000 ETH in $BONE and plans to add another 20.0 ETH during this week following the Dollar Cost Average strategy (buy tx)

As seen in the image below, Shytoshi tried to let it fall that Shibarium BETA will launch on Valentine’s, more than enough time to build what we plan on building and to create a community worth bridging

DogPad is more than just a launchpad, it’s a whole ecosystem.

The main utility and $DOGPAD “burner” is the LaunchPad, where Shibarium projects can launch their ICOs. But this isn’t all, as DogPad will have a whole ecosystem of utilities for the creation of new tokens on Shibarium:

  • Launchpad: Create ICOs for projects
  • Contract Creation: Deploy contracts without code knowledge
  • Telegram Bot Deployer: Deploy contracts without code knowledge through our telegram bot
  • Farming Pools: Create farming pools for your token, where holders can add liquidity and generate income from holding liquidity tokens
  • Bridge: A simple and known bridge where you can bridge your $BONE from the Ethereum chain to the Shibarium chain, paying a low 0.5% fee which is stored in $DOGPAD’s treasury
  • Locker: One of the fastest utilities to build, and with the correct exposure, one of the most profitables. Team’s will pay $BONE fees to lock their Liquidity tokens or just to create Vestings. Based on the amount of tokens on a new chain, having such utility pre-launch will make us shine from the rest of projects

These utilities will generates us an income, which 70% will be used to buy & burn $DOGPAD monthly

DogPad’s liquidity was completely burnt, and ownership was renounced. There was a 13.5% vesting lock from the initial buybacks done on launch, which tokens will be used to reward our community during migration phase to Shibarium. $DOGPAD also has a 3% tax, which 1% is used to increase our Liquidity Pools and 2% belongs to marketing & development tax

What’s next?

Join our community and stay around with us while working for your $DOGPAD bags. We’ll slowly deliver utilities and updates near daily, showing the outsiders how we build and how everything can be build

DogPad has a long Roadmap ahead, and it’s the community time to make us proud. We’ll build what’s needed and lead the strong community behind $DOGPAD